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We are looking for participants!
3,500 yen with blueberry picking and rice field art appreciation!

Bicycle Rental
In front of Kikugawa Station and Kokikuso, electrically assisted bicycles are available for rent for 800 yen per day!

Rice Field Art 2024
This year's design is "Purple Shikibu"

Online Store OPEN
Kikugawa City's specialties, Kikunon goods, and Mijo seals can now be purchased online.

Highlight Photo Contest
We are looking for raw photos that can promote the charm of Kikugawa City!

Instagram Photo Contest
#Kikukawa's Highlights Photocon 2024 and post the charm of Kikukawa that you found from the three themes.


【Recommendation】 PIC UP!

The online shop is now open

Kikugawa City's mascot character "Kikunon" goods and "Mijo seal", which has many buyers from other prefectures, can be found anytime, anywhere! and can now be purchased.
We also sell sweets using Kikugawa City's specialty "Kikugawa Deep Steamed Tea", so please take a ♪ look

OPEN commemorative gift! /
Click here for the online shop

The 10th Kikugawa City Highlights Photo Contest

Kikugawa City 20th Anniversary Project
Beautiful scenery, scenery, events, etc., any photo that can promote Kikugawa City throughout the four seasons is fine. Please send us your "special Kikugawa City" that you took.
How do I participate?Raw photosandInstagram PostsTwo kinds!Please feel free to join us.

How to apply with a photo
◯ Application Guidelines
Eligibility/Anyone can participate, regardless of nationality, professional, amateur, or national.
Application size/Color print 4 slices or 4 slices wide length and width free, group photos are not allowed.
◯ Contest
judge/The organizer and the jury members appointed by the organizer
Presentations & Awards/Around March 7, Reiwa
Grand Prize 1 winner: 30,000 yen, certificate
2 runners-up: 10,000 yen, certificate
3 winners: 5,000 yen, certificate
5 Honorable Mention: Certificate of Commendation
◯ Where to apply
Kikugawa City Tourist Association
〒439-0031 Kamo 2156, Kikugawa City, Usuoka Prefecture
TEL:0537-36-0201 Fax:0537-28-8823
Camera Bite Studio
〒439-0006 1503 Horinouchi, Kikugawa City, Usuoka Prefecture
TEL:0537-35-3071 Fax:0537-35-3005
Studio One Fukuda
〒439-0031 2978 Kamo, Kikugawa City, Usuoka Prefecture
TEL:0537-37-1515 Fax:0537-37-1516

How to apply on Instagram
◯ How to apply
On Instagram@kikugawakankouFollow
#Kikukawa Highlights Photocon 2024and one of the following hashtags, please post with three points: the shooting location.
1, #Delicious Kikukawa 2024
2, #Kikugawa 2024
3, #Children's Ega Okikugawa 2024
◯ Prizes
#Delicious Kikukawa 2024/10name
#Kikugawa 2024/10name
#Children's Ega Okikugawa 2024/10name

Please check the flyer for details ↓

A cycling course around Kikugawa City has been built

We will introduce a course where you can cycle around Kikugawa City using a rental bicycle.

Please join us at the events that have ended and the next time.

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Kikugawa City Tourist Guide

Kikugawa City Tourist Guide English, Chinese, and Korean versions have been published!

Please take a look at it by all means.

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Kikugawa City Tourist Association
Please feel free to contact us
電話 0537-36-0201
8:30~17:15 Weekdays only
Fax 0537-28-8823 (24Time reception)

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